Free sanitizer distribution

Free Sanitizer Distribution in Sanganer in Corona: Ek Kadam

Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Ek Kadam Sansthan is constantly doing social activities for the masses. In the past also, the institute has been doing the work of food distribution and free of cost sanitation in public places and poor settlements in this epidemic.

Senetizer distribution

The Ek Kadam distributed sanitiser-filled sanitization spray bottles in the Sanganer region on 27 May as they receive expensive sanitiser in the market and substitute chemical is available at the cost of one-tenth of the available sanitisers in the market.

For this, awareness was given to the shopkeepers, potters, street vendors, chin shops on the roadside along with the distribution of sanitiser filled spray bottle free of cost. The detailed report was made available to District Collector Mr Jogaram, Additional Collector Mr Ashok.

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