Blood Donation Camp By Ekkadam

Blood Donation Camp in Shahpura, Jaipur

On 22nd Dec 2020, Ek Kadam Institute celebrated the birthday of Mr Manish Yadav (MLA Candidate, Shahpura) popular and young leader of Shahpura, Jaipur. On this occasion, a blood donation camp was organized, and more than 500 blankets were distributed to protect the poor from the cold.

Blood Donation camp by EkkadamBlood Donation camp by Ekkadam

Secretary Mr Sudarshan Jadwal told that  500 blankets have been distributed among the poor on the occasion of Manish Yadav’s birthday.

In addition to feeding fodder to cows, all the officials and workers of the Ek Kadam Sansthan prayed for their long life. Rajesh Choudhary, the youth leader of Rajasthan University, was also involved in all the events related to Manish Yadav’s birthday. Ek Kadam gives in special thanks.

Blood Donation in JaipurBlood Donation in Shahpura

Blood Donation in Shahpura

Blood Donation in Jaipur

Blood Donation in ShahpuraBlood Donation by Ekkadam

















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