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Key benefits that set us apart!

We offer a unique combination of required skills, resources and processes that set us your right destination for workforce. Learn more about why EK KADAM could be the right choice for your contingent workforce requirement.

In our survey and study it is highlighted that companies are struggling for contingent workforce and recruitment of regular contractual workforce. Although many contractor are available for recruitment & labor support. But still there is scope of improvement.

“EK KADAM” develop solution for this aspect and pretty sure to get companies benefited by the solution identified.

We do…

Select People ——– Train People ———-Asses them——– Provide to company

Free of Cost


Ek Kadam Advantages

  • Improved retention in manpower- Our trained candidate are aware about company culture & system with proper mindset, So retention will be improved and measurable are available to evaluate the performance.
  • (Job Readiness) Ready to work candidate- Our candidate are well trained with customized module having actual work details and able to deploy directly on job.
  • Cost effectiveness– We provide cost effective solution as our candidate are ready to deploy on job assignment. So your training and job readiness conversion cost will be reduced. Our solutions are free of cost for the cause of youth welfare.
  • Availability of manpower- We have strong channel to get people hence availability of trained people at your end will be improved.
  • High Demographic/ Geographical Coverage- Normally contractors are limited to recruit local &nearby workforce without considering demographic and geographical issues. We have solution for this as we grab people from large area and convert them employable by our residential Centers
  • CSR Benefits- Company can avails CSR benefits as All donations made to Ek KADAM are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Training facilities or content can be arranged or supported by company to get more benefitted.


Why you need our support

This is most common or widely used way to depute manpower through labour contractor. Every company faces variety of constraints with availability and effectiveness of workforce provided by contractor. But common thought is, there is no lure this. Here we collected some issues frequently faced by every company being worked with multi labor contractor are

  • Contractual workforce left company joined within initial 2-3 days without any reason?
    – Probable reason is contractor sometime mislead candidate to achieve figures and candidate find different situation or work content, what they told by them.
  • Spent more money for contingent hiring incentive or commission to contractor or sources?
    – Many time company need contingent workforce in festival events or to meet production targets and spend more money as incentives or commission.
  • New workforce Joined are highly untrained and not aware about company & work content?
    – It seems that workforce joined are collected directly from field and they are not aware even about basic working need i.e. safety, industrial nomenclature.
  • Every time company spend more time/ sources for job induction/ safety awareness?
    – Whenever new workforce introduces, company spend money and time for induction and safety awareness programs. These program are time consuming and workforce low retention increase its cost.
  • Background not verified for the workforce joined. And unwanted person’s entry into organization.
    – As contractor are bounded to chase given figure, don’t focus on candidate credentials and try to fit everyone by hook and crook. This leads to many unwanted person entry into organization.
  • Not connected/ linked with company?
    – Manpower joined are not connected with company as facts manipulated sometimes during recruitment by contractor and people find different situation after joining. Person also not aware about company culture and not attended any formal induction of company before joining.
  • Manpower/ Labor are from local area near to company (Demographic and geographical constraint)?
    – Most of company having issue with some particular area or particular Categary to select as worker, and many of the contractor are not able to hire form large coverage area and sometimes manipulate too.
  • Contractor not paying ESI/PF or other compliances to labor?
    – Normally it doesn’t happen but there is chances to misguide or fraud in some cases.


Our Availability

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide opportunities to needful to build a higher and relevant competencies by creating an end-to-end framework, which meets the demand of employers and addresses skill gap of an industry

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