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EK KADAM is the group working on ONE TREE MY DUTY project one the name of , which is a green initiative with belief that “Our Life could not exist on Earth without trees”.
We, as a group, are conversant for the trees. The diminishing number of trees on our planet is a result of the paucity of people who actually have the interest in going to the ground and seeding this thought of planting a tree, which we want to curb by making the job of planting a tree easy for people. Aboveboard, we embrace the ecosystem by providing the easiest solution. presents an innovative and comprehensive technical approach to both the individuals as well as people who wants plantation and socially challenged or elderly people by our uniquely designed methods. It provides an opportunity to have trees planted and taken care by elderly people on their behalf on carefully selected private, community and government lands, while at the same time; one is encouraged to fulfill their responsibility towards old people. Each of the esteemed website/ android user who plant a tree is entitled to publish their care towards earth and elderly people on social platform by us in recognition of their contributions as sensible resident of earth 

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Our Process



Technician Employability Center is an initiative by “EK KADAM Foundation” for financially privileged youth to enable livelihood by free training or delivering employability skills; Under this initiative we enable opportunities with help of corporates and bridge the skill gap.For this our sourcing partners are Mynta, Amazon, Su-Kam, Lava, VIVO, Secure Meters and SJ Solutions
Each company facing problem to get good/ talented employee on starting level, it is not just about looking for credentials that match a job description. It’s about having a sense of a company’s unique vision and corporate culture and what kind of candidates will fit into that environment. We look beyond qualifications and keywords, and enable skill by providing required skill by highly customized program and matching a talented individual with a successful organization. Finally “Corporate want candidate, who don’t require much training.” So we design course according themselves by the help of them and trained people for 15 days module so that candidate acquire bare minimum requirement needed for work. Our entire process is
Detailed method description for candidate selection to company joining including sources channels


We deliver





We are in the process of designing and building a mobile learning center for remote area’s people in India, which will give them access to varied, self-directed, creative experiences and ultimately the Job that enable livelihood for them and their family. These mobilecenter will be a hub for job availability for youth and needy people within the country, whether they want to do job or earn money by self-employment, get assistance by our team.

This mobile center also support swacch bharat abhiyan and skill development program, driven by government of India. These center will be unique by features and facilities as

  1. Big size LCD screen for video learning.
  2. 20 seat capacity to cover 40 candidate one everyday.
  3. Course content customized by company will be planned 60 hrs/ Candidate.
  4. Fully air-conditioned classroom.
  5. Big size project screen available to show swachh bharat movie every night.
  6. Mobile class will be equipped with stationary and all study material.


With all features, this mobile vehicle is completely self-financed and cover village more than 50 km from the district headquarter in Phase-I

Shown picture is for demo purpose, actual will be differ


Process of Job on Wheel



As represented by process map

  1. This mobile classroom initiated by call from village representative/ schools/ panchayat by mail or telephonic invitation, on the other side village can be decided by EK KADAM management on voluntary basic.
  2. After invitation van move to village and stay with community hall or any public rest place and start nomination for trainee.
  3. After nomination classes will continue for 15 days. Every days it takes 4 hours/ candidate.
  4. After completion of training schedule, assessment will be done for every candidate and job offer will be on basis of assessment.
  5. Job offer letter will provide on the spot of training, on last day of training.
    As this is self-funding project and no getting ant fund from any government or non-government institution, food and other facility are recommended to arrange by village corporations & support.


In January 2016, Ekkadam launched new skill program named “30 Skills” for youth.10 years of experience and team initiatives, aimed at straightening carrier focused skill program. As part of this initiatives, Ekkadam partnered many of industries to get content customized and accelerate opportunity.

We Plan Program, Craft program, Deliver Program and Measure Effectiveness

Why you need this program.

Less than one out of four engineering graduates are employable, a survey has found. The third edition of the national employability report, engineering Graduate-2015, released by a private employability solution company, revealed that though 18.33 of engineers are employable, only 18.9 get a job.

The low employability among engineers is a cumulative outcome of poor education standards and higher demand of skilled employee, creating drastic skill gap in the country, said Himanshu Agarwal, COO of Aspiring minds.
In IT sector employability is more than 20%, while just 3.95% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. For core jobs in mechanical, electronics and electrical, only mere 7.49% are employable. There is a large mismatch in aspirants of graduate engineers and their job readiness, which can createlarge-scaledissatisfaction,

Generally students go for traditional courses like Autocad, Catia, Java, C, C++ and Scadaetc and each course need around 6k to 25k per skill. Although these skill are useful but candidate can hit only 5% opportunity with these skills. Actually industry have many departments like production, quality, store, marketing and purchase and all these department not required core technical skills like what we do generally; Rest 900% opportunity can be hit by availing skills like 5S, Kaizen, quality circle, TPM, TQM etc.

This is one of the major reason why candidate are unemployable more in India and specially in tier I and II colleges.


How we do?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide opportunities to needful to build a higher and relevant competencies by creating an end-to-end framework, which meets the demand of employers and addresses skill gap of an industry

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