Our Program

One Tree My Duty

Technology Enabled platform to support everyone to plant tree and serve for Environment. Working for changing the thought into We to Me. We offering tree plantation as livelihood support for financially challenged and introducing the word “Duty” on place of “social responsibility” for tree plantation.

Mera Ped

“Catch the Youth” theme based program to plant tree by school kids to fix the tree benefits & plantation requirement into their subconscious mind from childhood. This is cheapest tree plantation program with more than 90% sustainability. Our goal is to plant more than 10+ lacs tree in a year with this program.

Fitness on Wheel

Providing yoga awareness in outreach areas promote physical, mental and spiritual health. Our  goal is to make yoga an accessible practice to everyone, especially vulnerable groups and people at risk of social exclusion. Ek kadam offering official Yoga Teacher Training to the local communities where they work to empower them.

Ek Kadam Aapke Liye

Ek Kadam aspire to have a positive impact on society and to return the underprivileged people. We directly benefitting with many ways to children and their families through more than 10 live welfare projects like cloth, food distribution, education, healthcare, and livelihood and women empowerment in Rajasthan.

Jobs on Wheel

Ek Kadam is working to empower youth by creating more jobs & make them train with customized program, designed by employers. We are targeting outreach areas & make bridge between employer & needy youth by out mobile facilities. Currently having single facilities.

Mere Apne “The Old Age Home"

“Mere Apne” is non-profit program by EK Kadam in India, works for ‘the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons to improve their quality of life’. Currently there are a projected 138 million elderly in India. We voice their concerns, so they can lead secure & dignified lives by means of healthcare & advocacy as well Advocacy and Awareness on rights.