Birthday celebration of archana sharma

How birthday celebrated, Archana Sharma

18th Dec 2010, Ek Kadam Sansthan, a leading NGO in Jaipur, celebrated the birthday of AICC, Rajasthan, Vice President and Media Chair Person Archana Sharma.

Here is the article, having details of, How birthday celebrated, Archana Sharma. Over this event day, many social welfare activities have been carried out in Jaipur.

Archana Sharma with Ek Kadam

Birthday celebration of Archana Sharma Fruit distribution for children by Ek Kadam Blood donation camp by Ek Kadam Blanket distribution by Ek Kadam Blanket distribution by Ek Kadam Blanket Distribution by Ek KadamBlood donation camp by Ek Kadam Fruit distribution by Ek Kadam

Ek Kadam Sansthan celebrated her birthday with activities were as

  1. Distribution of 500- blankets to protect poor roadside people or children from the dead cold.
  2. Distribution of warm clothes to children at Pratapnagar, Jaipur. ( 100 kg warm clothes were distributed by the team)
  3. Blood donation camp to motivate people and support people in need. ( 25 unit blood donated at blood bank with the help of volunteers)
  4. Distribution of fruits to poor roadside children. (50kf fruits were distributed to children)

Besides this pray in Dehlawas temple for her long & quality life.

President Mr Sanjay Joshi, Vice President Bhavesh Jain and  Secretary Sudarshan Jadwal, all were available at that moment of celebration. All members and volunteer were available and did the contribution.

It is also known that Ek Kadam Sansthan is the top NGO in Jaipur and regularly doing social welfare work to help and support the community.

From Ek Kadam Desk, we urge people to come and join us as volunteer or member and help society and fulfil your responsibility towards the nation and towards society.