9 months after record plantation drive, very few standing

Is Nagpur Plantation Drive is Complete failure ?

Only 20% standing after 9 months of record plantation drive

Source TOI/ 13 April 2017/NAGPUR

Very painful! But almost 90% of the saplings planted in the Ambazari forest on July 1, 2016, during the 2cr have died due to lack of watering and attacking by grazing cattle. The drive was conducted under the Green Maharashtra mission.

The aim of the plantation drive was to tackle climate change and increase forest cover. Claiming that it had exceeded the target by planting 2.82 crore saplings in a single day, Maharashtra walked into the Limca Book of Records.

In Nagpur, the Ambazari reserve forest (758 hectares) was the district’s official site for plantations. Here, saplings were planted by Nagpur Metro (5,000), dignitaries, forest staff, NGOs, schools, social bodies and individuals (11,000) and individual NGO Anand Fiskey (2,000) in the presence of guardian minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule. However, barring 5,000 saplings planted by Nagpur Metro, almost all the plantations have died.

Barring a few patches, 298 by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd has survived. Compensatory afforestation of over 2 500 saplings by NIT too, has failed completely over 2,500 saplings by NIT too has failed completely. M & M’s Suresh Pandilwar, manager (employees’ relations & development) admits that it has failed miserably. “We watered the saplings for 3 months only. The saplings were small and could not survive owing to rocky land,” he said.

No forest official is ready to owe the responsibility for the failed plantations. Nagpur TSK Reddy said he has handed over the charge after promotion as APCCF. Joint director WI Yatbon of social forestry, which is the nodal agency for plantations, too said he has been promoted as CCF and has no idea. The social forestry department was to monitor the survival rate every three months.. Hingna RFO CH and area in charge, said 80% of plantations have survived. “However, mortality may be more due to recent forest fires,” he said.

TOI has learnt from sources that saplings were not watered adequately. For 13,000 plants only one tanker was deployed post-monsoon season, from October 18. Another tanker was pressed only from April 5, by which time most plants had died or were on the verge of dying. When Nagpur Metro plants can survive, why can’t the forest department, having expertise?

Patil says, “Metro planted 6-8 feet high saplings while our saplings were of small size. They planted non-forest species while we planted forest species, that too without damaging grass. Hence, our plantations are not visible in tall grass. It will take time for results.” Countering Patil’s claims.

Regular bird watcher in Ambazari Aniruddha Bhagat, says, “It is complete negligence. Only one tanker was used to water 13,000 plants. Metro officials are getting water from 5-6 tankers, besides they are also using drip watering system.”

Bhagat said lakhs of rupees are spent on fire lines to save forest but foresters have no clues how fires are raging. “No in peak summer, officials are planning to replant the saplings,” he added.

NGO Srushti Paryavaran Mandal president Sanjay Deshpande, who visited the spot on Tuesday, too says that the plantations have dried up due to neglect. “Even in rocky patches plants can grow if the right species are selected. Fires have caused huge damage to plantations and biodiversity,” he said.

“It seems to be a well-organized scam going on for years. Now again forest department will take up plantations in monsoon, and the same story will be repeated,” said activist Avinash Prabhune.

Here Ek Kadam Sansthan urges everyone to take participate in government drives and have a close observation on performance.

Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam

Blood Donation Camp; Blanket Distribution Camp at Jaipur

On 22nd Dec 2020, Ek Kadam Sansthan celebrated the birthday of Mr Manish Yadav (MLA Candidate from INC, Shahpura), the popular and young leader of Shahpura, Jaipur. On this occasion, a blood donation camp was organized at Shahpura. Besides more than 500 blankets distributed to protect the poor from the cold.

Blood Dobation Camp by ek kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam



Secretary, Ek Kadam Sansthan, Mr Sudarshan Jadwal told that  500 blankets have been distributed among the poor on the occasion of Manish Yadav‘s birthday. Sansthan also engaged blanket and winter apparels distribution for a poor community before also.

In addition to feeding fodder to cows at the Pinjapole gaushala, Sanganer and some more places, all the officials and volunteers of the Ek Kadam Sansthan prayed for their long life of Mr  Manish Yadav. Mr Rajesh Choudhary, the youth leader of Rajasthan University, was also involved in all the events related to Manish Yadav‘s birthday. Ek Kadam gives in special thanks for his contribution.

Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam Blood Donation Camp by Ek Kadam

Blanket distribution by EK Kadam

Distribution of Blanket on Makar Sakranti

On January 14, 2020. On the occasion of Makar Sakranti, Jaipur’s leading philanthropist organization Ek Kadam Sansthan distributed 1000 blanket.

Vice President of the Sansthan  Mr Bhavesh Jain and Chairman Mr Sanjay Joshi were present on the occasion of charity.

Bhavesh Jain arranged all arrangements and also the fund for this event. Ek Kadam Sansthan gave him special thanks for this kindness and continued involvement in charities. For this event, the team of the Sansthan distributed all the blanket by hand to a real beneficiary in all locations. All team and volunteers went to needful places like people sleeping on-road and other places near to bus stand at night to see the requirements.

Besides Ek Kadam Sansthan always involved in various social welfare works like Plantation, Women empowerments and youth employability

Blanket Distribution on Jaipur












Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam

Motivational Story; By Ek Kadam

Why not to react in anger, Snake & Saw Story

See what happens if we react in anger; Under by the story of the snake and saw

There was a snake that crawled over a pointy saw and was cut. In extreme anger, the snake wrapped the saw with its thick body and proceeded to squeeze more and more the life out of the saw.
With each angry squeeze, it felt more and more pain but continued because it wasn’t getting to let the so escape with the pain it caused it. the snake, refusing to abandon the saw, eventually died; not knowing the entire time, he needed to abandoning of the initial pain and specialise in its future and where it had been going. instead, the snake, unfortunately, lost its life and didn’t even see it coming.

So the moral of the Story Never React in Anger

Control your anger, forgive those that hurt you, and don’t allow, people or things to power over you. it can ultimately kill you. So the story was about what happens to us when we REACT IN ANGER

(read more by visiting the website, click on link)

And here is another powerful message by Ek Kadam Sansthan

Success in Business

As an entrepreneur or in the job, when we fail again and again, in something, then don’t shove everything into the same work (like a saw) and try to do some other solution or change the work.