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Blanket distribution by EK Kadam

Distribution of Blanket on Makar Sakranti

On January 14, 2020. On the occasion of Makar Sakranti, Jaipur’s leading philanthropist organization Ek Kadam Sansthan distributed 1000 blanket.

Vice President of the Sansthan  Mr Bhavesh Jain and Chairman Mr Sanjay Joshi were present on the occasion of charity.

Bhavesh Jain arranged all arrangements and also the fund for this event. Ek Kadam Sansthan gave him special thanks for this kindness and continued involvement in charities. For this event, the team of the Sansthan distributed all the blanket by hand to a real beneficiary in all locations. All team and volunteers went to needful places like people sleeping on-road and other places near to bus stand at night to see the requirements.

Besides Ek Kadam Sansthan always involved in various social welfare works like Plantation, Women empowerments and youth employability

Blanket Distribution on Jaipur












Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam Blanket distribution by EK Kadam

What improvement require for plantation

Are Tree Plantation Drives Need Improvements?

It is today’s true scenario that the entire earth is in extensive danger and facing increasing global warming, unfavourable changes in the climate, increasing sea level, reducing forest cover and many more environmental issues every new day, and believe, reducing forest is the most dangerous issue for the entire planet.

Despite all environmental threats, forests, and especially tropical rainforests, are still under siege by human activity.

 “We’re cutting down more than 15 billion trees in a year – that’s almost 500 trees in a second, 29,000 in a minute, 1.7 in million an hour, and 41 million in a day. So, although tree planting is a valuable part of tackling climate change, it won’t be effective unless we reduce the number, cut down in the first place, and make big changes to the way we live.”

So, if everyone on the planet, planted a single tree, it would be a powerful symbolic act and will work. And if we kept on planting them and stopped cutting them down, it could go a long way to protecting and safeguarding our world.”

Here also some surprising facts areas, government refilling/ reforestation projects having only 40% survivability and out of the only 60% actual plantation of committed, on the ground for example, if the plan 1000 tree, then actually plant only 600 and survivability will be no more than 240 trees.

Most of the refilling work is being done by NGO’s, social communities and plantation partner agencies of the governments so the direct involvement of individual is very poor in such drives.

After studying the implementation methodology and performance measurement techniques, in terms of three-parameter Transparency, Traceability and Sustainability (survivability) found really outrageous facts that no one is targeting these parameters and just performing everything without tracking & measuring actual performance. And to confirm the statement, we can opt for any plantation drives in India and check the figures, actual versus claimed.

We studied the execution method, performance measurement method and on-ground effectiveness of 20 best & most active NGO, working for tree plantation across the globe and identified the above-mentioned parameters to ensure the success of the new generation of the plantation.

With the use of emerging tracking technologies in this most basic work, we “Ek Kadam”, can do refilling the earth successfully in a result-oriented way.

China is the best example of the plantation of 40 billion trees successfully. It’s better to understand their module to overcome our mistakes while mass plantations.

To better understand all three parameters, here is some questioner to be asked by donors, said Ek Kadam Sansthan.

Tree plantation by EK Kadam

NGO In Rajasthan

“Incredible Girls” campaign of Ek Kadam Sansthan: 10 Jan 2019

Ek Kadam Sansthan, Jaipur. Under the “Incredible Girls” campaign of Ek Kadam Sansthan, women are being made aware of employment opportunities by visiting villages and counselling them, on this event, our team went to village Kareda, Fagi Tehsil and consulted with women on 10th Jan 2019.NGO in Raajsthan
Secretary of the Institute Mr Sudarshan and Member Mr Rohitash are available for the counselling of women. In Kareda approximate 30 women consulted in two batches.

In this campaign, the members of the EK Kadam go to the village and inform the women about the employment opportunities and arrange a few days of training for them, then after this training, they are provided employment opportunities. New villages or location are selected every 15 days.
So far in this campaign, the institution has so far provided employment to more than 250 women and is constantly trying.


Tree Plantation & Awareness Program by Ek Kadam: 3rd Nov 2019

The Tree Awareness Program was organized by the EK Kadam Institute on 3 November 2019 at the Kids Zone School.

NGO in RajasthanIn this program, the Ek Kadam team informed the children about the benefits of trees and the effect on the environment from the currently indiscriminately cutting of trees. Also, the methods of planting trees were discussed.

The program was attended by the Secretary of the Sansthan, Mr Sudarshan and Coordinator, Mrs Anjali Sharma, and the children participated in the program with enthusiasm and at the end of the program, children were pledged by One Tree My Duty poster and pledged to do tree plantation.

Ek Kadam Sansthan is the leading institute for tree plantation and runs many awareness campaigns and tree plantation campaigns from time to time. The institute believes that if the plantation is to be implemented properly, then it is very important for the children to understand and connect with it.


NGO IN RAJASTHAN Ek Kadam Sansthan is very thankful for Kids ZOne shool’s staff and administration for their kind cooperation.

NGO in Pratapnagar

Tree Plantation in Pratapnagar, Jaipur :Kids Zone School

On 14th August 2020, Ek Kadam Sansthan has organised a tree plantation drive under the campaign “One Tree MY Duty” at “Kids Zone School”, Sanganer, Jaipur.

Tree plantation in jaipur


At this event, Mr Gyan Dev Ahuja (MLA, BJP Vice-president Rajasthan) was the chief guest and, Sudarshan (Seceratory, Ek Kadam Sansthan) was a coordinator with our team.

For video click on this link


At this event, We plant 11 trees for training the children about the planting process or method and arranged an environmental awareness session from the chief guest and our team.

Tree plantation in jaipur Ngo for tree plantation jaipur

After awareness, we distributed 1 tree to each student for the home to plant by self or with the help of his family. And the whole idea is, they would have plant provided sampling and keep caring till a 1-year span as they are supposed to send pictures every month to school administration and school administration reward them by 10% session with respect to the growth of the tree. Hence we are trying to ensure a good count of the tree planted.


To execute this process, we provided a digital APP named “One Tree MY Duty” to school administration for tracking the individual growth of the plant and collection of data of plant’s growth. Finally, every plan will be tracked and the growth of the plant will be considered in the students sessional.

tree plantation ngo in pratapnagarngo in jaipur






This model was highly appreciated by Cheif guest, school administration and parents available on the event day. But Ek Kadam team is very much inspired with this and want to cover more and more school.

Here are some pictures of the event (pc: Mayank Sharma)

Best ngo in jaipur