About Us


In the Year 2015, Sudarshan Jadwal, a young engineer having little 7 years of experience, was driven by the extraordinary dream to see a day when no person would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, livelihood and development.

Like many of us, Sudarshan too was upset to see the situation, how people confused and facing to enable their livelihood in spite lot of opportunities. Unlike most of us though, he did something about it. Similar thoughts came together and team was ready with 4 others Mr. Deepak, Mr. Rishi, Mr. Sumit, Mr. Kanishk all were top executives of corporate.

Now all become “EK KADAM” and made partnership to  develop platform to fight with it. To raise funds for these activities, the EK KADAM collected money from team and their connection and got starting fund. In 2015 EK KADAM raised INR 2 Lacs total fund in hand. They felt that something needed to be done to improve the situation.

Uncharacteristically, given their backgrounds and motivations, they chose to start with directly approaching the organizations and implementing framework. All through the early, difficult years, it was team’s passion and conviction that drove EK KADAM. He was firmly convinced that each of us can, in our own small way, be the agents of change, and when enough of us become one, the impact is a lasting change for the better.

His whole team working for youth as he put it, “Real happiness is, what comes on other’s face by our act”


Our vision is to build a green future for our generations, provide them the same environment which we had and to set them free to breathe anywhere by planting more trees with the technology enabled way.


Our mission to make it simple for every person to plant tree to save him and save environment.

We enable “One Tree My Duty”, thought in every single mind and provide the most transparent, responsible and survivable solution for them.


Brand Ambassedor

Shri Gyandev Ahuja Politician (BJP)

“एक पेड़ लगाना सभी का दायित्वा है| इस पृथ्वी पर जन्म से लेकर अब तक पेड़ों से बनी असंख्य वस्तुओं का हमने उपयोग किया है|अतः इन्हे नयी पीढ़ी के लिए संरक्षित करना भी हमारी ही जिम्मेवारी है| अतः मेरा अनुरोध है की पेड़ लगाने में एक कदम का सहयोग करें अथवा स्वयं पेड़ लगाएं”

Miss Sonakshi Rathore Chess Player (IND Rank - 56, Asia Rank - 108)​

“Women Empowerment is very much required in Present Scenerio, I am happy to support & work with Ekkadam Sansthan, which is working for empowering the Women by enabling livelihood trainings and other support” .

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